Basic types of slot machines

November 8th, 2016

The popularity of slot machines in the Malaysia online casino is huge. Clients are attracted by its attractive design, simplicity, huge jackpots, the presence of a wide variety of bets and much more. At the same time almost all users are interested, first of all, how to win at slot machines.

Variety of slot machines

Classifying slot machines hinges on different criteria. Generally, they are usually shared by the presence of the progressive jackpot, the number of reels, and the presence of bonus games and so on.

The slot machine with progressive jackpot on each of the bet is deducted by a small amount that goes to the accumulation of a jackpot. Given that the slot machines from major manufacturers are combined into a single network, even if they belong to different gambling houses, you can really win a huge jackpot at the online casino Malaysia.

Most of the slot machines today have five reels. In earlier times they used to be three. Also, there are species with a different number of reels, but they are less popular. All of the modern slot machines have a random number generator defining the characters that appear on the screen.

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The role of the special characters in the slots

We will not dwell on the device slot machines and rules of the game because you can see this information in the “Rules” and “Articles”. However, considering some aspects still stands. In particular, we will focus on the special characters that are present in most of the slots and make the game more diverse.

  • Scatter symbol – this is one of the most common special characters. It has a number of significant differences from the other images.

First of all, paying for these symbols is performed irrespectively of active lines. They may be scattered all over the screen. Usually, for the payment to appear on three such images, the more symbols appear, the bigger the prize is.

Moreover, the scatter symbols assume the payment of the total bet, not the line bet, making them more attractive to the player. Often, they also activate additional bonus games and free spins.

  • Wild symbol – this character is able to substitute for any other image (except the scatter symbols, bonus symbols, and sometimes some of the other pictures), and necessary for gainful combination.
  • Bonus symbols – in some slots, bonus games are activated by scatter symbols, but most often it is used with the special bonus symbols appearing on the screen in the required quantity and sequence.

The presence of all these, and possibly some additional symbols in the slot makes it possible for the game entertaining, although this does not mean that the slot machine will be more advantageous for the customer than others. Advantage of the slot is determined primarily by its payout percentage.

Bonus games in slots

Winning at slots is possible not only by means of certain combinations of symbols for which entitlements. Most users are also offered bonus game. They can be divided into two conditional groups, and each player has to decide which of these bonus games is interesting.

This is the free spins and bonus games on the second screen. The first type assumes that after the loss of certain symbols on the screen, the player gets the right to make a few free spins reels. Often during these spins, payments are made on the zoom ratio.

The bonus game on the second screen is usually framed in accordance with the theme of the slot. The user should perform certain tasks, for which it relies prizes. Most often, he/she has to make a choice from several options. Some of them guarantee a win, and the others are the traps that lead to the end of the bonus round. Such games may have multiple levels, and each of them increases the size of the prize.

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