Introduction for the Highway King slot

November 9th, 2016

Have you ever thought of becoming a king of the highway and driving a big truck on your own? As you want to own the way as well as have the relaxing moment on the online slot game then Highway king slot free game is one of the best exciting option of online games that you have ever participated. As you are the player who often busy with work or don’t want to risk cash on gambling slot, it is time for you to take a look at Highway king slot. The best thing is that you can play this wonderful game in several online casinos consisting of Malaysia online casino. The online casinos are, of course, different from land-based casinos. In online game, you can play slot games somewhere and at any time as long as you have a PC and Internet connection. Most online game allow users to play the highway king slot free play with not using any money. Driving the red truck will make you feel more interesting and powerful. You will raise up your confidence as well as your feeling as you beat the game. Hence, why don’t you begin to play the highway king now? The highway and the truck are ready for you.

Get down to the rowdy way with some truck drivers. Turn the reels so quick so as to get the truck driving extra as well as drive your massive truck to the end the first line to win big in free extra of highway king slot free play. It is truck heaven as lines pay out 2 ways. This highway king slot free game consists of 5 rounds and 9 pay lines. The target of Highway Kings is to pick sign to create winning compositions by turning the rounds.

Highway king slot

The way to play the Highway King game

Line gambles are chosen by clicking (+) and (–) sign under the Line Gamble so as to plus or minus the gamble amount. Pay lines can be triggered and their shapes are displayed by progressively clicking on (+) and (–) signs under the Lines. Pay lines are also triggered by clicking the number buttons on both side of the screen. Selecting a high pay line will automatically select all the lower pay lines as well. For example, selecting pay line number 6 will also choose pay lines from 1 to 5 as well. Clicking on Gamble Max so as to trigger all pay lines with the current chosen gamble each line and turn the rounds. Total gamble of each game round is calculated by line gamble multiplies active pay lines.

Selecting Spin to turn the round with the current choice of lines as well as line gambles. In the reel spins the Spin button will turns into Stop button. Kicking Stop button so as to end the turn animation, then the spin result appears immediately. The rounds can also be turned by the Auto Play mode. Kick on the Auto Play button so as to see the choice list. Select the number of turns that can be spun automatically or go for the Until Feature to turn the rounds until the Truck Racing Bonus is actuated. Choose a selection to begin the Auto Play mode. The Auto Play button altered into Stop in the Auto Play mode. The Auto Play mode finishes as the reels have spun out the number of times chosen by users, or when the Truck Racing Bonus round is actuated if you select Until Feature, or when pressing Stop button.

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