Three Card Second Chance Poker

December 12th, 2016

Three Card Second Chance Poker is kind of a casino poker game offered completely at online betting Malaysia. The aspect of this game is that if the player does not like the hand that he is first dealt then he might exchange it for a second hand. The cost of this second opportunity is an increase in the first wager.

Three Card Second Chance Poker

The dealer can also change his hand under some specific situations. Thereafter the game income in the usual poker fashion with the better hand winning. In online betting Malaysia Three Card Second Chance Poker is played with a single 52-card deck. The hands are ranked in the manner usual in normal three card poker games. The game starts with the player making the compulsory Ante bet. The player can also put the alternative Best Hand Bonus bet. The total of this bet is not fixed. The player’s three card hand is then dealt face up and the dealer’s hand is dealt face down. The player then has to make the options of whether to stand or to change his hand for a new one. If the player picks to take the second opportunities then he should place a Raise wager same to the Ante wager. The dealer’s hand is then defined. If the dealer has a king high or better, he will stand. In case the dealer has a queen high or less, he will change his hand. The hands are then related and the higher hand wins. If the dealer has the better hand, then the player will lose both his Ante and Raise wagers. Let say the player has the better hand, then both Ante and Raise wagers are paid based on the payout table. The minimum payout for a winning money. The maximum is 6 to 1 when the player gets a straight flush. However, the Best Hand Bonus wager has an awesome twist. The payout is not based on the player’s hand as another casino poker games. It is based on the better of the player’s and the dealer’s final hands according to another payout table. Join us now at

There is no payout for hands ranked less than a flush. In the usual game play three aces is conduct as three of a kind and ranked below straight even. But for the Best Hand Bonus bet three aces offer the highest payout of 35 to 1. Three Card Second Chance Poker has two basis to the strategy and the tips are as follows. The first is no matter what to place the Best Hand Bonus wager and in case so then what amount. Computer reproductions show that the overall house edge is lowest when the Best Hand Bonus bet is put at two times the Ante bet. The second tip care about when to stand and when to change.

If the player has wagered the maximum Best Hand Bonus bet then the optimal strategy is to change with AQJ or less, and stand with AK2 or more.

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